April 2021

Good afternoon, hoping all is well with everyone.

Thank you to all of you that came to the drop off day at the end of March.  We received 966 blankets!  Good grief!  I have to send a quarterly report into National, we have donated 57,412 blankets since March of 2010.  Amazing!  Great news, I was able to donate 970 blankets this past month.  

Some of you may know that we donate to Phoenix Fire every month.  This past week there was a news report on Channel 12 about the department.  There was a segment that showed a shelf of donations, yes, I saw a blanket and yes, it was a Project Linus blanket!  Hooray!

Some of you wash your blankets before you donate them, thank you for doing so, however, please do not wash in scented detergent or fabric softener.  Obviously, we have to be cautious of children and allergies. Also, please don't use scented plastic bags to deliver your blankets to us.  

I have 'heard' from many of you with regards to you having your vaccinations, the answer is still no, we won't be meeting until the CDC says it is safe to do so.

We are having another drop off day, the 24th April. 9:00 until 12:30.  

Just a short newsletter this month. (I can hear the cries of delight!) Hope to see you on the 24th.  

March 2021

Happy St. Patrick's Day! No, I don't celebrate but I did wear shamrock pin today!

I have a long newsletter for you so please bear with me.

First of all, I need to send out many congratulations to our friend and fellow Blanketeer, Tracey Dutson.  Some of you might have seen Tracey's news if you participated in the National Mystery Quilt Challenge, Lucy's Love Notes.  Another wonderful pattern designed by Mary Balagna. The Challenge is offered every year. Blanketeers create the quilts from clues given every week.  Once the quilts are finished the quilters may enter a photo of their quilts to be voted by their peers. I am so proud to announce that Tracey won 3rd place. Well done Tracey! Thank you to everyone that participated and supported our Chapter.

Thank you to everyone who dropped off their blankets at our February 'drop off day'. 974 blankets were brought in!  What an amazing number of blankets. I will be contacting the 'on hold' facilities, hoping that they will be accepting once again.

I mentioned this last month, but in case some of you missed it, I will repeat myself. We will NOT be holding any of our Blanket Bees until the CDC has deemed large gatherings are safe. It does not matter if you have had your vaccinations. We are not 'out of the woods' yet. Remember, we have 50 to 100 people attend our Bees.  I think and am hoping that there is a little glimmer of light at the end of this very long tunnel but we have made it this far, we can wait a few more months.  It's great to see you when you drop off, we will celebrate when we can reopen!


I would like to remind you about Go With The Flow. This organization's goal is to collect feminine hygiene products for the girls who live in the Phoenix area. These girls cannot afford monthly protection products and therefore don't go to school. I am collecting these items once again.  


Project Linus National is having another Knit/Crochet Along. A few of you have joined this fun group in the past, it's exciting to see the finished blankets. Like the quilt challenge, interested Blanketeers sign up and then for a few weeks clues are given and you create a wonderful blanket.  If you are interested in participating, please go to the Project Linus National Website for more information.

It is time once again to order t-shirts, sweatshirts and/or jackets.  Those of you that would like a new t-shirt etc., you need to pre-order.  The pre-order is available from March 15th until March 29th. The link is    Delivery can be expected the week of April 19th.  Please remember the 'sale' is only offered twice a year.  Also, please note, these items are bought through Western Associates and are not bought through the Project Linus Store. 

Thank you for responding to my request for boy themed blankets. 

Finally (did I hear a thank goodness), a huge thank you to all that donated to our annual fundraiser. We are well on our way to raising the $500 needed for our chapter.  If you forgot, there is still time to donate, and I will be accepting donations March 27th.  

I look forward to seeing you at the end of March, (Saturday, March 27th 9am-12:30pm) for another drop off day.  Please remember to wear your masks. Same as before, no coming into the building.   

February 2021

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have been busy collecting blankets from the drop off sites. 156 blankets were collected since the end of January! During the next couple of weeks, I will get in touch with the facilities that were on hold for January to find out if they are ready for delivery.  The good news is that most of the facilities were happy to receive our blankets.


Our Covid numbers seem to be dropping and so the plan is to have another drop off day, at the FSEC office, the last Saturday of February, 27th. Starting at 9:00am and ending at 12:30pm. Please wear your masks and please stay outside.  We still need to be careful. I have been asked if Blanketeers have been vaccinated, would I open up and hold our Bees again.  The answer is no.  We are going to have to wait a few months longer, then see what the CDC advises everyone to do.  I miss seeing everyone and I know you all want to get back to 'normal' but we are going to have to wait patiently.

As we have been processing the blankets we have found that we are lacking boy themed blankets. All sizes are needed.  We are still collecting for Luke AFB - red, white and blue, please. Another reminder - please, please do not knot your ends from your crocheted or knitted blankets. At least a six inch tail needs to be woven into the stitches. Running this tail through a few stitches does not work either, they come undone and so does the blanket! After all your hard work, lovingly creating your blanket, please take the time to weave the tail backwards and forwards. 

I need to thank my team of helpers, that have been giving me so much of their time over the past few months. I know a lot of you have offered to help but at the moment I am restricting it to a small group.  As I keep repeating, we need to be so careful!  Thank you, for ALL the help and as of yesterday we are caught up. 100 yards (or more) of fleece was cut, blankets have been bagged, quilts have been checked for pins and labeling has been done. 

It recently came to my attention that the East Valley Chapter has closed.  That makes me sad, but I am trying to help those Blanketeers as much as I can. A couple of Blanketeers that live in the East Valley are helping, thank you Donna and Jeanette. They are going to collect blankets from various drop off locations, but I have told the East Valley Blanketeers that have been in touch with me, that their blankets will not be delivered to their side of town.  Thank you Cindy for being their Coordinator for the past year or so. 

We are not collecting scraps etc. for the pet beds - the need isn't there at the moment and I don't have the space to store these bags.  So until further notice, please don't save your selvedges and other stuffing scraps.  We are also, no longer saving water bottle tops. If you have pop can 'tabs', you may bring those, we will continue to save for Ronald McDonald House.  They are not accepting any donations at the present time. 

I have been asked about our fundraising for this year.  For those of you that have attended our meetings on a regular basis, you know that we are required to raise funds to be able to run our Chapter.  The answer is yes, we still need to fundraise.  Project Linus continues to operate nationally and we need to contribute. The goal is to raise our $500, of which $100 is kept by National office and the other $400 is put into our 'account' to pay for insurance, state taxes etc. Most of you know that this is the part of my 'job' that I hate but it has to be done.  As we are unable to have raffles etc to help raise the money, we are accepting monetary donations with a minimum of $15. Donations will be accepted at this month's drop off. Please consider helping! 


I look forward to seeing you on drop off day.  Stay safe and happy blanket making.

January 2021

Happy New Year! 


I am hoping for a better year for all of us.  


I have been busy, trying to find facilities who will accept our blankets as some of our regular deliveries are on hold again due to the Covid pandemic.  I donated 205 blankets to Hamilton Elementary School, 50 to the Arizona Patriot Guard Riders, 100 to Sunshine Acres, and another 50 to a refugee group. We also have a new monthly facility, Glendale Fire Response Assistance. 

The website has been updated, with the help of my daughter Sam (thanks Sam) with hopefully all updated information. Please let me know if you see anything that needs to be corrected.

Unfortunately, due to the high numbers of Covid cases, we will not be holding the January Bee. We will not be able to have a drop off either.  We have bagged January and February's deliveries. Hopefully, the numbers of cases will drop after the Christmas/New Year surge is over. As Arizona is number one in the world, I think we need to be careful and not put anyone at risk. Hopefully, we will see numbers drop and will be able to plan at least a drop off day at the end of February. 

We still need blankets so please keep making them!  Please keep your finished blankets at home until the end of February, when we can hopefully get them processed and deliveries can be resumed.  

I have been working on various reports for the Chapter.  I am happy to tell you that we donated 3,690 blankets this year which is amazing considering we were on hold for approximately 6 months.  THANK YOU! We gave 3,690 children some extra love.  

My family and I were honored just recently.  The founder of Project Linus, Karen Loucks-Rinedollar published a book/journal (through Amazon) called Small Steps, Big Feat.  It is "A Prompted Pandemic Journal".  Why am I sharing this with you?  Karen dedicated the book to my husband, Richard, who most of you know was a victim of Covid last March.  There are no words to express how much this meant to our family.

No other news for you.  As usual, I will publish a monthly newsletter, generally the middle of the month.  Thank you for all you do for our Chapter.