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Newsletters 2024

February 2024

Blankets in:               722                      Blankets out:     485

Good afternoon, hoping everyone is feeling well. 

Before I start this newsletter, I may need
 to apologize to some of you. As I hope you all know, I am so very proud of our Chapter. I have always said that I can’t do this ‘job’ by myself. I try to thank you every month for supporting our Chapter. I was recently told by one Blanketeer that she doesn’t feel as though she is part of the Project Linus Team. We are all on the same team, providing as many children as we can with some extra love, in the form of a new handmade blanket that they can have for their very own. I do have a small group of immediate helpers that in the past I have called "my team" and I apologize if anyone else has felt like an "outsider". This was never my intention. This small group is made up of a few individuals that volunteer their time in so many additional ways and from now on, I will refer to them as PLT, not my team. If anyone is interested in doing more than just making blankets, and wants to be more consistently involved, please reach out to me directly. I will be listing at the end of each month's newsletter openings as they become available. 

Just a reminder, we are unable to host monthly Bees as we did pre-covid, which is crazy to think is almost 4 years ago now! FSEC is still kind enough to let us use a closet for storage of our supplies and ready made blankets, but they have grown exponentially and do not have an open space for us to use and congregate. This does not mean that you can't come in and say a brief hello. We'd love to see you.

Sleep in Heavenly Peace received 105 of our blankets last week. Our blankets are paired with sheet sets and then placed on the children’s beds - brand new beds that the volunteers of SiHP create. I have been asked by Karen and Donna to thank each of you that make blankets for Project Linus, some of which get donated to them. They are so happy to receive our beautiful quilts and afghans etc. 

It’s February again, the time of the year that I hate because I have to ask for money from you. As most of you know, each Chapter is responsible for collecting $500 every year. This money helps Project Linus run smoothly. Each state has different licensing rules, insurance rules etc etc.. The money raised by us is put towards these different items at HQ, we however, get to keep the rest which is then put into our ‘account’. I use this money for batting, yarn, fleece, some fabric, office supplies, labels and other items. I am asking each of you to please donate $20 again this year. By asking for a ‘one time payment’ we reach our goal very quickly and I don’t have to bother you again. Thank you to everyone that donated in January. 

We have two events coming up in the next few months. Camp Corral will be in June. Camp Corral is a summer camp for eligible children who have suffered a loss of a military parent or their parent was injured, while serving our country. Under circumstances beyond our control, we did not donate last year, but we need to this year. The campers are between 8 and 15. If you could make an extra blanket or two that would be great. Our second request is to support Williams Syndrome National Convention which is to be held in Phoenix this summer. Our blankets are needed for the daycare that looks after the children of parents attending the Convention. They are going to need 60-65 toddler and 15 baby blankets. This group was planning on coming to Phoenix in July of 2020, obviously they had to cancel because of Covid. Williams Syndrome is a developmental disorder that affects many parts of the body. Again, we are going to need extra blankets so we can help these organizations. 

On Friday I attended the Happy Trails quilt show. My goodness there are so many talented quilters that participate in the show. As I walked around, I saw many quilts ready for Project Linus. Happy Trails is one of our biggest supporters, donating approximately 300 quilts a year to our Chapter. Thank you Ladies for your continued support and dedication. 

While I was at the quilt show, I was able to ask a couple of the vendors if they would like to become a drop off location for us. Both are more than happy to help us so a huge welcome to The Sewin Asylum and Cactus Quilting. Thank you!

Last month it was brought to my attention that there was an issue with the pattern page on this website. I have no idea what the problem is/was but it has now been fixed.

Thanks everyone, for all your help. Over 700 blankets last month, awesome!

I’ll see some of you next Saturday, February 24th, 9:00am - 12:30pm. Please note, there are 5 Saturdays in March, the drop off day will be March 30th 2024


Phoenix Children's Hospital - Delivery

Ronald McDonald House - Delivery

January 2024

Happy New Year, alright, I’m a little late but it was only 17 days ago. I had the upper respiratory infection and just getting over it. I hope you have escaped it - it was awful. Just glad it wasn’t RSV, the flu or Covid. 

Blanket totals :   November in 453                   November out 595

Now the exciting part, total donated for the year 5,437 blankets

We donated to Shop With A Cop (53) and Billy’s Place received 190

No news as we start another year of Project Linus. We will continue to have Drop Off Days, the last Saturday of every month (except for December, when we don’t meet at all). For those Blanketeers who visit us often, they know that there is no room at FSEC to hold meetings. We are so very fortunate to be able to have storage for our blankets etc. So many Chapters have to pay for storage. 

A reminder, no pet hair or smoke / odors. 
100% acrylic yarn that can be washed and dried in machines. Child friendly colors. Please remember, weave your ‘tails’ in, no knots to end a row or after you have changed colors. Please no chenille or bulky blanket yarn. 
100% cotton fabric, fleece or flannel. Again child friendly colors and patterns. No seasonal themes, except for Christmas / winter. 1/4 inch seam allowance and please no ‘rag’ quilts. 

I need to thank my ‘publisher’, my daughter Sam who helps me produce these newsletters and set up my computer for keeping track of all our blanket donations. As you know, it can be frustrating teaching people to use the computer, I know I cause her some ‘moments’! (To say the least!) 

Thank you to my ‘team’ for all their help, at least once a month, sometimes twice. Labeling blankets, making kits, bagging, delivering, sorting donations, whatever needs to be done. Mostly without complaining, not that I would listen! 

I haven’t announced a total of blankets that we have delivered for a while. It’s now time and I am so excited to give you the number. This total is from March of 2010 until December of 2023 …….. drum roll, trumpets blaring, ready?     79,369!  We will be reaching 80,000 before too long! This is an amazing number and I really need to thank each and everyone of you, who have supported our Chapter, dedicated many hours to make sure we reach as many children as possible who are in crisis and need some extra love by receiving a hand made blanket. 

I started this newsletter a few days ago. As I said at the beginning I haven’t been well, at the same time my beloved dog, Whitley wasn’t well either. An overnight stay at the Emergency Clinic, vet visits, ultrasounds, fluids and med at home (thanks Sam). I spent two nights with very little sleep but unfortunately Whitley deteriorated and I had to say goodbye to her on Saturday morning. As with all volunteer jobs, family comes first - sorry for the delay.

First drop off for the year, this upcoming Saturday, January 27th. 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. 17621 N 25th Avenue, Phoenix. I look forward to seeing you. 

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